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Linlithgow Marches

There is no way that Linlithgow's annual civic festival can be adequately described.  You have to actually be here to appreciate the Marches.

The Marches is organised by the Deacons Court, set up in 1975 when the Town Council ceased to exist due to local government changes.  This voluntary body, headed by the Provost, raises funds and plans the big day.

Those born in Linlithgow are known as as "Black Bitches" (The Burgh crest depicts a black bitch tied to a tree on an island) and many Black Biches who live far away will make an annual visit the their vhome town for the Marches.  Those that can't will often think of their home and wish they could be there on Marches day.


The Riding of Linlithgow Marches

Linlithgow MarchesTuesday 16th June 2015

Linlithgow's big day!  Marches enthusiasts have long been getting ready for the first Tuesday after the second Thursday in June and it won't be long now!

The first Deacons Night will be on Saturday 6th June and the second is on Saturday 13th June, starting from the West Port at 6:30 and proceeding through the town and three times round the Cross.

There are usually some good photos in the Gazette and on the official Marches website.

You will be able to see some of the action on the Linlithgow Cross Webcam.

Key Timings

Time Details
5-7am Fluters, Pipers and Drummers parade through the Burgh, Linlithgow Bridge and Blackness rousing the inhabitants
9am Decorated Floats and Bicycles judged in St Michael's RC Church car park
10:25am Civic Party, Round Table, Rotary, 41 Club and Dyers march to the Palace to fraternise
11am Procession moves off west from The Cross to Linlithgow Bridge
12 noon Procession from Linlithgow Bridge to Lowport and then off to Blackness
1:45pm Fencing of the Court at Castle Hill, Blackness.  Installation of Baron Bailie
5 - 6pm Grand Finale - the Procession goes three times round the Cross Well


In addition to joining the main procession, bands will play in various parts of the town early in the morning and during the afternoon.

And finally, don't forget to listen to Bobby Bennie's classic 2009 exit as Deacon of the Dyers on YouTube!