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These three walking trails cover much of Linlithgow's heritage

Linlithgow Heritage Trails

We now have three walking trails in Linlithgow that enable you to explore the town's interesting past.

Linlithgow Heritage Trail

An easy-to-follow walk round the main places of architectural and historical interest in Linlithgow, starting at The Cross in the very centre of the town. You can pick up a free booklet in the Visitor Information Centre in the Burgh Halls.

St Michael

Linlithgow Marches Perambulation

This is a new 4 mile (6 Km) walking trail that closely follows the 1832 Linlithgow Parliamentary Boundary. There is an annual Perambulation of Linlithgow Marches following this route on the evening of the Wednesday before Linlithgow Marches but you can walk the trail at any time.

March Stone

Battle of Linlithgow Bridge Battlefield Trail

The Battle of linlithgow Bridge was fought in 1526. This new trail takes in key points and gives some insight into the battle and the history of these times. It is included in the free booklet that is available from the Visitor Information Centre in the Burgh Halls.

Lennox Cairn